Adam and eve: a naked Dating Show in Holland (Video)

Not so with the Dutch show"Adam seeks eve"

"Adam, eve (Adam is looking for eve)"is the expedition that did itAnd here are the candidates they face each other completely wrapped up, and the first date comes into play. This is the first plan of the meeting, and we have attached a video. Make sure that the contestants can be frozen, but you really shouldn't do that, because"Adam seeks eve"was filmed on a tropical island in the Pacific ocean. Really fantastic places for the first and possibly subsequent meetings of like-minded people.

But the way to the island and back is more complicated

Each episode features two singles on a beautiful island in the Pacific ocean, one on top of the other.

Everyone must reach the island by boat and not be taken, but must beach the last few meters to the host. Once on the island, for non-luxury candidates with welcoming rooms, a basket of fruit and a glass of champagne at the ready, with sea views, a pool and room service - no, you have to work together across the desert to strike and experience, even a small adventure. If you have a first impression and want to win the show, watch the following video, but take your time. We wish you a lot of fun right now. This divides us, but, like in a show like this, or when the whole project is happening? Do you have restrictions on conference formats, or is there no more excitement? What do you think?"The event is scheduled for the next season (from September to may), when they will be broadcast. Dating page with an Internet portal of the entire media world. It doesn't matter if we are talking about new TV formats, exciting movies, new theater or sports events: Sessions - complete and structured meeting records. The news world is complemented by numerous interaction opportunities, such as chat rooms or forums. Offers for Facebook and Twitter, complete the Dating site offer. If some of the content of the Dating site is removed, the admin team is available.

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