Avoid useless meetings: How to motivate employees to attend Automobilwoche meetings

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often this can be a big incentive for teams

If you continue to use this site, you agree to the use of cookies. Learn more about the topic But properly used they are a great communication tool. With the right approach, managers can inspire employees to meet. team meetings: Almost always unpopular, but often if they follow a few rules, their employees have more opportunities to participate in business meetings. But many do not have many meetings to offer them this first rule, for employees again exciting. During a meeting on Monday, perhaps ideal for the start of next week, they they think of their employees differently. Many of them usually think about the weekend, and so a useless sit - down meeting is the last thing you want. This doesn't mean that weekly meetings are always a good idea just to make sure. For many companies and teams, a monthly meeting is enough to fully Supplement weekly updates with other means, such as email. A fundamental fact that exists in human nature: what we are most interested in in our own things, as well as in someone else's. You want meetings for them. Devote a few minutes to people with important strategic responsibilities so that they feel that the meeting was valuable.

If for some reason meetings that are important to the company need to be held regularly, consider providing unhindered assistance within your team.

Just a few Cornettos and Fruits that allow you to attend the meeting, they will significantly increase the number of participants. So we got the ideas you like from Major Motivated Interests, so your team unconsciously always associates the meeting with small pleasures. A round table in a seated conference room provides a good opportunity to do something quickly and discuss it. It's also a great way to encourage creativity.

This is the only way that miracles can happen.

In order to keep the session took the hype, come from the once sterile conference room and spend a session in a different location.

A good option is, for example, a restaurant (see the item).

This is the main reason for a meeting to pass on information and then not bombard your team with data for an hour and a half.

At the end, you show presentations at the Power-Point, after the Po at the end. If you have the time and resources, think about them. Small groups can do and discuss different things. For example, you can imagine the problem of discussing possible solutions for a meeting. They are also a good one a feedback source. Or use such a break brainstorm once at the next meeting, useful for gathering ideas such as meeting again, exciting. Looking for a new job? Or are you looking for the right candidate for your company? Then I came from Germany, the largest labor market in the automotive industry in the right place.

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