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If you have uploaded a New version of the program, Tell the moderators to use The report button in the Message in the program catalognew version of the program, Moderators using the"report" button In your message about it. You don't know who'S going to be next. Maybe a group of young people. It is possible to be A girl who is single And looking for a guy For a boring and intimate conversation.

Where this chat is everyone'S favorite

Or maybe someone who wants To flirt with someone. Well, it could be anyone. First, it is completely anonymous. You will be them known Only under a pseudonym, things That you choose for yourself. You don't need to Register, leave a message, email Address, or phone number.

You open the app and Start using it.

We have a Monday rating system. Others may judge by bringing Something they like or dislike. Based on them, the system Will find a suitable companion For your feedback. There is also a manual Behavior monitoring system. Breaking the rules can stop You for a while and forever. This should be clear enough. Content screening that contradicts moral Norms and all laws, countries Of the world are prohibited. This is especially true for Pornographic, extreme, and narcotic content. Temporary files shown in the Image can also be deleted Via the file Manager. Using the slide operation.

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