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I was impressed by the two women

I I knew this story, a little as it sounds, as if it is not reality, but a modern fairy tale was bornA good friend, she told me: Pastry chef Claudia Schmid from Affoltern am Albis, for twenty years was the biggest fan of American singer Marla Glen, who landed hits in the far reaches of the world with her incomparable voice. And it was this Claudia Schmid who suddenly stopped standing in front of the stage as a fan, and became the backstage of an important part of the team. How could it be that these two completely different paths in life, which intersected with each other, and such a reversal of roles from fan to friend, assistant and Manager? It was a musical experience that took me deeper: I got up in Zurich, and half of the Volkshaus turned to the audience, heard Patty Smith's gruff voice, and thought about the amazing story of Marla Glen of Chicago and Claudia Schmid, the Swiss pastry chef. This story must be told, I thought."I have to make a movie about this story.The next morning, at Sunday morning, I arranged for Claudia Schmid Husar to rent a phone number and called on my idea to say:"It's better this way,"she said spontaneously."Marla just got here."So I sat down, not hours after I came up with the idea, in Affoltern am Albis, in a small kitchen and ate macaroni with Claudia Schmid and Marla Glen. Both agreed at once and said:"Of course, because we're in business."So later, during the shoot, I have to remember how it is usually for the two of them: not everything was discussed and said about a hundred times, but enough. An attitude that unites Claudia Schmid and Marla Glen, despite the fact that they are two completely different people with different lifestyles.

Determined, brave, humble and bold, you go your own way

Claudia Schmid, an award-winning pastry chef, has her own basement in a remodeled oven that has nothing to do with her own small business. Just like Marla Glen, in his own way, in the hard world of music, he always made mistakes, but Volta after Volta got up to continue. Claudia Schmid is a realist with both feet on the ground. Marla Glen is surprised by her almost childlike sensitivity and great warmth. All the participants were shooting a movie, and she often laughed. For example, when friends decided to go in a cart, they went. To be honest: the Idea that they wanted to be driving on crawler tables caused me some concern, especially because the next day there was an important concert at the Hunziker-Muhle in Bern, which was in keeping with their decency. Because it really helped that the Manager of the Kart Spreitenbahbahn assured me:"Don't worry, there will be no noise on the train! If only he knew, I thought. Fortunately, they are now safely on the karting track. I have Claudia Schmid and Marla Glen in the oven, as well as front and back scenes. Both are great performers. And in their spare time, they are pleasant and slightly crazy friends. And them both were lucky that in real life, especially Marla Glen, they met Claudia Schmid, a person who was able to restore self-confidence after all the disappointments and setbacks in her career. Kristin Brand is the editor of"NZZ am Sonntag".

She worked in various publishing houses in Switzerland and was a journalist at Rundschau.

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