Esperienze, Viaggi, Jochen Schweitzer gift experience

Our creativity constantly generates new ideas for gifts

We live in a world that is faster, more colorful, and strongerSince for us, family, friends and everyday pig work, we too often forget to give ourselves something special. But it is the extraordinary fact that we must live intensely that shows us our limits, and it will be remembered. We inspire people to do things that they wouldn't have done if the Jochen Schweizer brand hadn't been popular. Thanks to this philosophy, we are sure that you will have the right gift for every occasion - whether it is a small gift with funds or an individual search for gifts for your birthday or Christmas: Jochen Schweitzer offers you extraordinary gifts with ease with a memorable effect.

Day in, day out.

Our gift ideas are emotional and easy to remember

Principle: First of all it should be! This must be remembered! We combine gifts with special experiences and emotions, whether it's adventure, action, fun, leisure or education, courses and seminars.

It is this particular experience that is different for everyone.

They are designed for action-filled and adrenaline-fueled experiences, such as skydiving or traveling on the road, they remind others of a romantic candlelit dinner or a culinary fantasy.

Whatever experience gifts you choose, one thing is certain: during the experience of the gift, you will get to know each other intensely, even if you have lived together with others.

An exciting sightseeing tour with a woman by your side, a ride on a backhoe for your husband's son, or a more eventful day at the Jochen Schweizer Arena in Munich. Therefore, when sailing for the right gift of experience, I I ask you to better answer these questions in your heart: What does Done do, for a long time, once, alone or in the company of life? Small dreams not yet achieved? And what must have been his experience, his life with memories? Check out our extensive system category and discover the full range of experience categories for living and giving.

In each category, the most popular gifts are sorted from top to bottom.

Already in the experience review, you can directly compare the performance, number of reviews, pricing, and number of participants and venues for each experience. Use our gift search: here you can filter by category, price, or choose who You want to give a gift to.

Would you like an individual consultation? Then you can find us right at the Jochen Schweizer store near You.

In our store in Mannheim and You also give a gift directly in the store with virtual reality glasses for testing! In total darkness, while eating, or with your adrenaline level in a cellar on a raised train catapult? Why not make this fun just once, also with the experience of Jochen Schweizer? This is what we want: the Eyes Shine! With you and your respect. Again and again. For now, and beyond. We hope you enjoy watching our wide range of adventures and emotions.

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