Features of the Danish mentality

And in the shop half of the boletus, even with children

The Danes are largely the same people as we are, but also largely different from usAbout this and about the mentality of the Danes and talk here, and creates sketches of theatrical costumes. If you want to see a distant relative of the Romanovs personally go to the Royal theatre.

On weekdays, the cruise will be cheaper

It happens in the premiere performances at the opening and the end of the theatrical season comes to the balcony of the Palace on the day of his birth among the portraits of princes, it is gratifying to see pictures of our great countryman, the musician Mstislav Rostropovich. in matters communal living often touches: if the Danes were going to celebrate at home, they hung a petition on the Bulletin Board in the entrance saying, sorry if too much trouble, we've got a happy event, but the social service can monitor where they are spent. In addition, parents have no right to leave children during school holidays without supervision. That is why many local alcoholics and parasites so 'love' animals. If you are going to get a cat, you have in detail introduced himself and assure breeders that the animal won't stay home alone, mindful of the mass poisoning of two centuries ago, but the Danish emigrants are carried out of the woods white buckets.

About Danish men say they are not sentimental, even in the premarital period, and a little bit greedy in the divorce to divide the iron and other stuff.

And when family conflicts are the descendants of Vikings can not only pretty insulting to the spouse, but even to start a fight. attracts tourists. Here you can take a ferry to Norway (the night journey, the day in Oslo, on the morning of you in Copenhagen). This trip is about. The very essence of the law was that any person who wants to put themselves above other members of their social group immediately.

For us it is natural to boast of the successes of the children as they have smart, talented, or excited talking about a fancy car that you just acquired the brother of the wife, or what a stunning cottage was built by a colleague at work.

We are attracted by everything unusual, anything that can distinguish us from the environment. For a Dane is simply impossible.

The Dane may assign you a date at any convenient time and in any place convenient for you on the surface of the globe.

Dane knows exactly where to spend vacation in ten years what to do twenty years later, and what happens to him at the end of life. Therefore, all intended to the man was healthy. All what makes a person healthier specially made cheap.

Fruits, vegetables, medicines, sport subsidized by the state.

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