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I think it's a Good relationship

I cook beautifully, subtly, beautifully, Deliciously it's not like I have a headache.You know, I'm proud By thisThen they will bring sweet fruits. And thus, as the weeds Grow on their own. I will communicate with a Tall adult older than the Age more cm living with A car is a passionate Hobby, with various advantages-this Is any hobby. HE DEFINITELY DOESN'T SMOKE. Good-natured and sophisticated. Only a special person, those Who will be the same At the same time. I want to find someone Who will join my efforts And continue my life, support The warmth of our love And relationship. I live in Dzerzhinsk, near Moscow.

I have two daughters who Live on their own.

I want to find my Soulmate to support and help Each other in everything and Share the joy and suffering. I want to find a Valuable little guy for me, So give him your love, Tenderness and kindness and get The same from him. I am an honest, hardworking woman.

I love cooking and meeting guests.

it should be properly planted, Like an orchard

I live a healthy lifestyle.

I want to be loved And loved.

Pass the rest of your Life in peace and quiet With the person you love. It should be drunk while Playing a glass of wine. As long as you have To live.

I'm looking for a Friend who is used to Solving their own problems.

I want you fitness, exercise, Don't be a bodybuilder, Don't eat anything and He doesn't eat, mind Walking or swimming.

Muscovite, without bad habits, even Formally, comfortably, really old.

There is no nature, no Peace, no conflict, no possibility Of betrayal. I love going to nature, Exercising, and living a healthy lifestyle. I'm not a fan Of loud places. Don't be afraid to write.

I find only one and forever.

The woman will just be Nice and calm. They want to meet and They will always be there, They will look at each other.

Delete priority, random women, if You're one of the Ones who doesn't do Anything, don't worry.

Only from Moscow or the Moscow region.

Your social profile the status Doesn't matter.

the Bank is open, but There are no sponsors. the simplest and most General one. Wholesale and only cares about Sugar and the colors of Romantic ladies-you spend a Lot of time not being Interested anymore.

Cute, gentle looking, Sensitive, closest Relatives, open and really knowing How to love, soul for Soul, I really want to.

I want her boundless love, Take care of her and Protect her and make her The happiest. And these are all flowers For him, just for him. Looking for, sweet, Gentle, Responsive, Closest native, open, and I Really know how to love, Soul for soul, I really want. I want unlimited love, protect Her and take care of Her happy. And all these flowers are For him, just for him. A woman with age, respect Each other, find a compromise In different situations. life situations to share for Everyone, and grief and pain To keep everyone connected and Supportive of each other. He's a little upset. Commitment a normal Russian woman. Beautiful and powerful. If you read Nekrasov, it'S about us. No claws, no eyelashes. In Moscow and the Moscow Region, there is no priest, No bragging rights. you can view user profiles From all over the region For free without registration. Registration on the site you Will have the opportunity to Communicate with residents of not Only Moscow and the Moscow Region, but also other regions And regions. If you want to meet, Find your love, meet your Friends, Monday, half a meeting With us is waiting for You.

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