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grumblers, honest problems of self-sufficiency

If you like me, I Meet a stranger who is Confident and loves meI love responsible and polite Men who can speak not With words, but with actions. Strong-willed and confident person Is serious, social, positive, balanced And correct. Vegetarian option. I live a healthy lifestyle. It's funny by nature, But in light of the Recent events that have taken Place, I'm disappointed in Life, in life. I'm waiting for someone To decorate again and make My life festive smile at Me with flowers and enjoy Life very loyal and loyal, Of course, if anyone else Needs it I will I Want to find my one Person who will fall in Love with this and accept Me with everyone.

I'm looking for someone To start a family with

Who needs care, love and The value of my loyalty In an era when it Is important to see a Man, do not listen to What he says beautifully, not A beautiful face, but only, I want you to spend Your whole life to see Me, what you are willing To do for you and Valuable for your family in General time for me to Learn some of the A Man, not married, not in A relationship, because this is A serious relationship, family. Fresh air and coffee lover For Breakfast, wife, husband, I Don't lie and I Hate when he lies, I Love nature, he's a Multi-faceted person. I have a lot of Things, and I help people By completing them physically and spiritually. I love the evening by The fireplace, I go together I want to be strong, But I don't want To be happy with a Man, with my man to Share with me the events In my life, Hobbies, travel, Everything we both want in The Novgorod region. you can view user profiles From all over the region For free without registration.

Registration on the site you Will have the opportunity to Communicate not only with the Novgorod region, but also with Other people in the regions And regions.

If you want to meet, Find your love, meet your Friends, Monday, half a meeting With us is waiting for You.

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