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I'm grateful for the Kind of confident self I Have everyone's heart and Sense of humorActive, positive and optimistic. I believe that I should Live and enjoy life.

To love and be loved.

But he's not a Naive idiot.

Fine brown hair, not bad habits. Good habits, including: Sunday comes After training GL. Visit Germany event at least Once a week.

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I want to find someone With whom he can build A family and build a future. please Do not disturb a Person from Russia, I plan An active life, I like Long walks, I discover new things. I dream of living by The sea or in nature.

I'm looking for a Person who has a mind, And a person who will Be valuable to me.

And anyway: we can't Stop living, because when we Bought it they weren't Living anymore. I want them all to Be happy for you.

I want to meet an Independent person-a one-year - Old, we live happily, communicate, Go together, travel in the Evenings, for everything that adorns Our lives, and then we'Ll see, I don't Rule out a serious relationship.

You don't need to Be afraid of age, you Just need a passport. My years are my situation-I am proud to say To my friends.

A cozy home is very Important to me

I want you to live Until then. Don't forget a little Secret: this birthday is for Women, but women don't Have old ones. I want to meet the Soul of a person who Understands and wants you, you And always come back and Enjoy a relationship of harmony. A high centimeter. He's not fat, I Think he's handsome. Because at my age, I Look younger.

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With women in Dusseldorf. Here you can view the Profile of unmarried women on The Dating site Dusseldorf for Free without registration. After registration, you will have Access to chat with live Women and it will take A few minutes, girls. in other cities. Find all the people who Want to meet find your Love, find your soulmate, marriage Or wedding in Dusseldorf - it'S fun, flirting.

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