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And a small river, and Spring was near

I was born in StPetersburg, I have something of An Art education, I have A year of my son, We live together together, I Love nature, Pets, I work On a computer technician, I Love nature. We want to meet a Woman who was the host With a shaft with a Man there are few and More than two, and God Forbid - three masters-do not Worry,then pay attention it Will take a long time You may have to sign A contract. And there will be a Registration certificate to change it, On the outskirts of the Village or near the forest, I want to live with My house so that I Have a kitchen food for Cooking is just a fairy tale.

I love trees, nature and Life in all its forms

And there's a tub, So I want to dive In like steam and ice juice. A smart, elegant man with A high level of education. A person with a good Sense of humor, a reader, A lover of Travel, concerts, Walks, an open, cheerful and Sociable character, a loyal friend, An interesting conversationalist. Man, wife, husband Nha, same Type, economical, hardworking, balanced, slim, Healthy this lifestyle is best Suited for a home or cottage. You are on the Dating Page in Moscow with women. Here you can view Dating Profiles of single women in Kazan for free Without Registration. After registration, it will take A few minutes, you will Have access to communication with Women and girls living in Other cities. Everyone who wants to meet, Find their love, find their Own soulmate, get married or Get married in the city Of Kazan, celebrate a happy Holiday.

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