Free Dating With women In Uzbekistan

I work as a real Estate agent in a real Estate Agency

I live a healthy lifestyleCreative personality, love of nature And travel. A man who is worthy Of us, who can support Me, and the father of My son. I want to start a Family, not have fun. I love a Quiet house. I don't want to Make a fuss, I don'T like empty talk and promises. I'm a practical person.

I love socializing, cooking, cooking And Boxing.

I love evening walks.

Scammers don't bother, I Make very little money and Then spend the money on My daughters.

Sociable, friendly, calm and universal

I leave my house to Girls, I'm here to Find a friend, a husband, And a person to help Finance, cute, subtle, just fun, I love working, I love Cooking, I love animals, I Want to love and be Loved in a fun, humorous Way, I try to see The good side in everything, fun.

This happens when a colleague Suddenly has problems starting up, But it shouldn't last long.

I can forgive a lot Of things, but it's Not a betrayal. There is an elegant woman In the buffet. The spoiled girl in life. I turn weekdays into holidays. Let me introduce you to someone. If you love life and Are ready for a bright But serious relationship, we will Understand each other very well. Welcome to the Dating page With women of Uzbekistan. Here you can see profiles Of women from all over The country for free and Without registration. But after registration, it will Bring contact details with women And children not only in Uzbekistan, but also in other Countries of the world. If you want to meet, Find your love, meet your Friends, Monday, half of us, Flirt is waiting for you.

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