Geneva, Switzerland-Introduction and first impressions

After the hotel, of course, there is a walk around the city

A warm and Sunny day with lower temperatures was at your disposalStrong walking, desire for shade and cold.

In General, the visit to Geneva was planned, and first of all they thought about what to see and where to go.

This is the end of my trip to Switzerland, and I am already flying home for another day. So, even if it is hot, but the desire to escape from the city at maximum and still looks for hours of shopping. The hotel was located near the train station, traditionally already in these places lived Arabs and blacks, right next to the hotel lived prostitutes. So that you can imagine this region and the atmosphere (there are no such photos, I'm not comfortable taking them). Such areas still exist and the presence of small shops. The famous fountain on the lake in the Harbor. A really nice impression. With some angles, the rainbow is still visible. In addition, there are few people on the sea, there are no stalls and shops. Of course, there are stalls and people, but the walk is not very convenient. Next to another passenger port. Incredibly, there is a mausoleum here. Here lies the Duke, so to speak.

He bequeathed a huge sum of money to the city, on condition that they build a mausoleum for him and he would work.

Let's just say it's a little heat, it's just a deadly heat

Even if it were possible, so would mark. Immediately after the bridge, the English garden began.

The place is nice, but it was noisy, and they were preparing for some kind of event.

In General, there is a wheel to see, but a little small.

Well, in the evening you prepare a concert hall, but that's another story.

First of all, there is everything I have to show.

Below is an overview of the city center and other locations.

Small town Zermatt, but finding the right house isn't easy. So there is a unique map and all the houses that I wrote some time ago about seeing the city of Brig in Switzerland, but along the way I took a few short videos and put them together into one. In General, sightseeing and exploring the Old city, i.e. the streets and St.

Petra needs more than looking and preferably in the shade, so as not to go to interesting things - this is what in any city you can visit the Old town.

Geneva is no exception and has a beautiful old town. Although of course this is not the case, the task was to find the cheapest hotel for the night in Geneva, walk around the city, explore, and the next day go to the airport and fly just recently, I already have several reviews for the canyon and waterfall, and here is a video in minutes that I recorded in these locations. In the two previous posts, I already showed a walk around the city, and then again showed the castle. I thought that as already and not so much has to be done in a small the town of Brig and can not boast of a large number of restaurants and cafes. And the grocery store, and I don't know what got into me. I love castles, FORTS and fortresses and was glad that in the city that decided to go, there is such a tourist attraction. The only thing I didn't do.

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