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How can I contact a girl

Talk to the girls on The way.

Talk to the girl on The way. Real communication with a girl. How to meet a girl.

Mistakes when communicating with a girl.

Be in a chat with A girl.

Information about the error and How to fix it.

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As a girl to start communication

I'll tell you about My mistakes.

girls and women meet and Interact with men. Mistakes are terrible, dark, uncomfortable And painful. Chances are, you'll at Least take a look at Some of them to make These events happen. Because a lot of men Do it worse, nightmarish, embarrassing, Disgusting, unbearable mistakes-it's Painful to watch when you See them in the movie, It looks so disgusting, bad And disgusting. Yes, most men do it For them, most men think They know how to meet, But they made a terrible Mistake, in fact there are Very few people with social Intelligence, high social intuition-especially In men. Well, they also have very Few women, but fewer men. If you do not make A mistake somewhere, then, of Course, you are punishing your own. You're punishing yourself very, Very painfully.

loneliness, bad reputation, negative emotions.

Of course, I won't List all the mistakes here, But these are just some Of the things I've Noticed lately and it pains Me to watch or hear Them, this is the first Mistake-not giving a girl A reason to do this Is who you want to Be when you date him. Maybe to keep communicating. contacts and so on.

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