How To meet A girl On the street. A

what's your name and Cyrillic alphabet you play stutter

Welcome to the channel How To make a TV show Articles how to join girls On the streets quote from The book of Nikolai Kozlov A psychologist's textbook on Truth or life girl, birthday My sister mother-son and I do not know what She is get it, pleaseAnd if there is no Jewelry in the store, then I usually use this technique-Girl, I have a desire, But I do not know How to prepare it. You can do tell me. I can call you and Consult you. just an excuse for a Telephone exchange, you can meet A girl for no reason At all. And it worked even better, So it didn't have To worry, I'm trying To figure out where it went. Good afternoon, we are conducting A social survey, please tell Me how to refuse, a Young man will come up To you and smile and Say Hello, a sociologist survey, Let's get acquainted - girl, Watch Out, you need an Urgent phone number if they Are afraid, they will give And if they are not Afraid, they will laugh and Give you their phones-Girl, Sorry, I think we met Somewhere, he did not do It at a conference, concert, Boarding school, etc.

Girl, you know where the Nearest hospital is

let's not participate. Girl he'll regret it And start guessing I really Want to get to know Myself, you have a sad Face, you have candy, you Will calm your sadness and Have even more fun. I can't leave you anything. If you get upset again. He thinks about girls I Have a daughter I want To see, and if she Doesn't give me her Phone number, I'll end Up in this hospital. Then it's a matter Of practicality. To the front, really. One or two months, and You will be like a Professional in this business, if You stop being afraid of Meetings in the city, maybe You will have a girlfriend.

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