How to Meet a Man on The street: An effective Method .

provocative," the seduction expert said

A fleeting glance stopped him At a cute young man Who was just having lunch In a cafeDressed in Golf, he's Like this It's as Beautiful as Apollo, but you Keep drinking coffee and don'T do anything. The condition sounds familiar.

Let's start with the initiative

To avoid this, km has Put together an effective way-To meet a man, and Not be Afraid of your Luck on the eve of Valentine's Day, when the Absence of Monday is especially serious. So we decided to publish The guide shortly before this holiday. unmarried readers-where and men Like tanisili are comfortable. Dmitry Melanyin, the Academy's Flirting coach, gave him valuable advice. There are two effective ways To meet girls-active and active. As a name, it means That the girls did not come. But this does not mean That he is a man, He will make his Tits And take them to the Legal address. In this case, the girl Is on her mission to Start familiarizing herself with the Question or request. Then reliably, according to the Expert, ask the man for help. For example, help you choose By asking for help to Collect things, windshield washers at The car dealership, and so on. Not polite and, after all, Girls still can't be Refuse to help the weak. And while the guy helps Him, the girls have the Opportunity to start a bright conversation. Find out if there is Anything in common. And if there is, change Of address, contact. In this case, a special Positive value is called triggers. Provoke men-the first question. The ability to arouse interest, Experts say, will help two Important factors: for example, men Are more likely to react In a red dress-this Is experimentally proven. Except in addition, they will Not be interested in wearing High heels, mini-skirts and Clothing that emphasizes the waist. To attract the attention of Men, the guarantee of walking The hip is a hidden Appearance - these are forward gestures Such as fitting to the Hairstyle and, But most importantly, Allow the otherworld to be World-friendly and open. The easiest way to do This is with a smile. And also, don't hesitate To look at the person You like. Formal introduction with a smile Of interest to a friendly Look is a success.

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