How to Meet a Man on The street: Life, road .

Whereas, the first step must Be taken by a human

Today I will break down The scale and tell you How to deal with the initiative

I will tell you how To meet a man, what To do, what to say, And how to behave.

In a separate room in This line, let's talk About shyness in how to Deal with it. Men become stronger and more Often proud only when a Woman helps. That's why the easiest Way to find out is To ask for help. For any business. For example, you leave the Store with a package and See a guy who you Really When you pass through it, You accidentally drop it in The bag. This is not a place Where there is much to gain. At the same time, embarrassingly, Pretending to want confusion to Help what will collapse. Rarely will these people be Rejected in such a situation. Once everything is put together, Be sure to say thank You to the Dean And Ask: you can thank him In any way you want.

Maybe it won't make A Cup of coffee any better.

If your hands are empty And you only have one Bag with you, there is A way to go.

Say that you can't Find your phone because you Like it and are afraid Lose it. But you need a lot Of information. If they come, you'll Find your phone faster. Even this is a sound Wallet, nothing to worry about. Just say It: Oh, as Sluggish as I am here You can see, then you Can offer a Cup of Coffee as a thank you Or just thank you and Go away.

At least he finally got Your phone number.

October October and who wants To stay under an umbrella, Let's ask to protect From the worst of the weather. Tell me: I got my Feet wet, I can get A little dry. or my bus will be Here soon. I can attack you.

I'm sure someone will Give up on this innocent Person asking for help.

You can communicate even from A close distance. Another option is brave girls Who are not afraid to Approach a guy and break Him in their personal boundaries. If you need someone who Gave him a back and Hugged him or covered his Eyes with their hands. You can play it a Little differently: tap on the Left shoulder and run to The right while standing in Front of it. When the eyes appear confusion: After all, it's a Guy, and take it to Your friend boyfriend's relative. Explain that you are like Your friends behind you: it Was so difficult, you forgive. Now I see that everything I messed up. But maybe we'll forget About a Cup of tea.

This method is very simple.

In the end, you can Ask me something. Do you remember the famous Soviet film where is noffilet. The principle is the same, But the problem must be Managed and managed correctly. No need to ask anything Inexplicable or incomprehensible.

You can request a specific Address and explain what you Have lost.

This is especially easy in A big city. Maybe even on the road, And then it will lead You to the right house. For those who are friends With the technology or if You see an interesting gadget Or car brand as you Like, you can ask how The hardware software used for This is, if there are Any problems, etc. You can see the person, Do not say this signal That you like, and when You use it,you can See the person.

use-hold a few, look Directly into the depth of The selected eyes, look into Those eyes, smile, gesture, etc.

seconds and look at the edge. Smile, sweet and gentle. Run your hand through your Hair, moving towards your neck And the sand.

Go past with a hip walk.

All gestures attract men and Provoke them. But the action should not Be rude or provocative.

If not, it will be misunderstood.

If a person, if you Walk with an animal that You like, and you are Not afraid to approach it, Then this can be a Very simple method.

For example, a person who Goes for a walk with A dog.

And, of course, we will Listen to his opinion on This issue

Stand up and ask what Breed it is. I see a very handsome Guy on the Internet. I've been dreaming of A dog for a long Time, dreaming of it. just like you're in custody. Is it difficult to keep It at home, in the apartment. Perhaps there are enemies in parenting. If so, you can ask A lot of questions. Well, young people will be Happy to answer: their attention Pet becomes an interesting topic For this conversation. on the one hand, you Can ask where the dogs They buy this cradle from. You just don't need To understand the price, it'S better to ask how To communicate with them. So, the language that will Have to find people of This breed and translate them Into English, that is, this Extension is your carrier. All girls are ready to Adapt to different situations of friendship. Sometimes it's so easy To say everything directly. But this is not open To the public: I love You, we meet although there Are such cases and, for Example, we leave your phone number. A napkin with a number Or card, if available, is Suitable for this purpose. Leave your phone to the Person, smiled sweetly and left, He will attract your attention And attract attention for himself. But if it is related, If it is directly mixed With printing, then you can Take advantage with the above Options to say that you Have lost your phone. Then they will still leave A phone number, and you Can interest them during the conversation. The girl's appearance also Says a lot.

It is important to play The role of a person At first glance.

You may need a bright Detail in the photo to Make it draw attention to them.

But there are a few Rules that should not be Broken if you want a Serious relationship with a man In the future. For shy girls, it is Very difficult to meet a Guy, especially on the street.

What to do in this case.

The biggest problem with shy Women and children is a Large number of complexes.

They believe they have an Ugly look, not a perfect Body, etc.

we should get it out Of my head and move forward.

just think positively.

This person doesn't want To communicate, it doesn't Matter, it's not your choice. You're afraid to come first. It doesn't matter. Use strategy instead of signal Words: see for a tall Person, repeat your actions. They will attract attention and Show initiative. You can prepare your questions In advance and tell yourself Several times.

Then it will be easier To pronounce them correctly.

You can simply ask: how Can I do this reach objection. I can call a friend Or I'm done. And in this article I Will tell you about the Most unusual meeting place. If then the first moment Of communication, if you have Problems, you don't need To run away immediately. Thank you for the first Help, and then you can Ask a few more questions. This communication will begin. Please, if there is a Reason-a compliment to her Appearance, her clothes. Solving questions during a conversation Is interesting for men: sports, Politics, business, etc.At the same time, listen Carefully to the other person Will give you the answer. Kids love to be heard.

And if you're interested, He'll want to contact You.

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