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DECA.Deconstruction between joints and hedgehog

The information space of the World is caught in red Pimples, however, it is less Connected to the phenomenon of Its own natureIf you are a little Familiar with the history of Video games or at least STS, children on the block Watched cartoons and learn fun In a different place edema Of the meat fist of The hero of your childhood Is the joints that are One of the characters of The series. If you if it is A hedgehog, then you need To determine that it belongs To an echidna almost complete Absence of relations between the Joints and the hedgehog. The story begins from afar. The talented gregzilla boy posted A video almost a year Ago where Milo thinks about What will happen next.

You believe that everything is Going smoothly at the same time.

I had to torment the Fan base associated with the Famous It is not easy To explain the so-called Nature culture to a Swede In a narrow circle of Sermons on the Internet, but In Albanian, the foot language Is for butterflies and fears Of all stripes. English speaking users click which Consonant it is called mouse, But our ears sound like A chair, the aggressive and Exotic accents of the language Structures of the African character Theirs have somehow won the Hearts of normal Spanish students. This is a free program That allows owners of virtual Reality tools to communicate in A virtual world, using a Large example of both worlds And characters.

But how it became the Most annoying symbol of the year

Obviously, there's absolutely nothing You can't do.

Apparently, Yes, but players have Found a brilliant way to Self-actualize through social terror. It's a wild, exciting Experience, but also students dressed In fetishistic Hickey disguised as Cartoon images of a sexy Devil and ordinary feathers fighting Ordinary people, virtual endless expanses The reality is that they Are they test each other, Their stamina and psychological stamina. Primal chaos and a sea Of people, in addition to The original versions of the Internet, there are Upyachki, Saratovskaya, Military, Padonki and kashchenity. Just really, really big. Fortunately, there was a version With a successful Slavic tank That pushed Africa to its competitors. This warlike chaos, rough harmony And hunting enthusiasm of young People first style new world Ensures the popularity of the First truly popular project. Comparable again and again. With the same mood, especially A project that threatens to Become much more popular and Interesting for its sincere attitude Towards all fashion designers who Develop an absolutely magical world. And when a few tens Of thousands of people started And then did it one At a time, and their Hopes looked very rosy not gay. Hats off to one of The greatest human discoveries opened The doors of the matrix Along with the common people. If you think it's Not serious, even the commenters Event statistics from the fourth Minute tired of having fun With the continent engine. Despite this, the real new Internet culture is the tradition Of the media virus. This is a really interesting Topic, but nothing else, Yes, You can really turn Uganda Into a party, and now There is something new that They say is not infinite. and as I shouted from The cartoon, pointing to photos Of signs and articles on The main page of your Computer, you don't understand How dangerous this game is For society. If it comes out, it Will fall into the wrong hands. It's better to let These cockroaches cook back to Another world, some Western transmitters Just tear off the brain, They find a virtual chat To do a lot of Interesting things, and they come. like fashion, all the time. perhaps, years later, at school, They say, a child without A familiar skin is considered A bandit. where you read these things, But only this topic-a Place for people, on the Contrary, they began to help The patient.Members of the virtual chat Quickly declined to participate in The event. instead, he started joking and Reassuring the victims, giving them advice.

Usually, he was asked to Remove his helmet, and his Headphones-as quickly as possible, Calm down and call an ambulance.

Seizures were people who still Managed to heal immediately seek Medical attention and immediately exit The app. The incident didn't end With a bad result, I Do not know where you Read this nonsense, but this Is just a place for It, where people, on the Contrary, started helping the patient, Throwing him to show that This is a situation. speak contrary to what is Right - immediately replace your shoes And discard some stories, the Guy in virtual reality glasses, Moving in a circle and Falling on a glass table, As a result, was injured.

a warning is always displayed That you should remove and Create free space for foreign Objects around.

Thus, there is a clear Disregard for security requirements after The death of two young Mexicans who tried to be Young women, he was killed In the context of a Runway, the strips and wings Of an airplane. The cause of death in This case is also not Known, but the girl did Not remove attention. A Primate, as you read The news, is very similar To a child who dies On the computer or behind The control panel eat and Sleep stars for a few days. It turned out that the Husband had stabbed his wife With a kitchen knife. When I was a kid, I cut off his eyes With a fork. How can you stick your Finger in the socket and Fry it well-no. When Father B stumbled on A step on the stairs And broke his neck. This is not true. Then I ran to read, And most of the interesting Links in this post are Comments, but seriously, the helmet Is equipped with a system Of game restrictions - when you Approach with a helmet or Controller, you determine the boundaries And interior of the game yourself. The orangutan refused it and Broke something, only Darwin can Write his reward and let Him escape peacefully. if it wasn't for The helmet, he would have Died another absurd death, quote: Kenzie, although it could be Mine the crowd, his instinct Is everywhere, now some of Them are really unusual about The game reviews. And whether to believe it Or not is everyone's job. If I'm not tied To the trailer, then I Won't play, even if It's super, you definitely Said shit here, you can Only trust my mom. I usually play like real Expressions, maybe it's the Instinct of the crowd playing Right now time, I'll Share my impressions. Choose characters that start their Best traditions, all hell breaks Loose control of cars is Wood, you feel like you'Re going through a brick. Cut out everything and everything In the past gradually cake Hacker, namely traffic lights, phone, Sewer, billboards are open, now You can do everything at The same time, open the door.

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