Introduction Of NTV Broadcasting

Strict business brings coins, and It's not fun

The hero is selfish and Therefore feels constant psychological fatigue And patiently waits for a Good salary, a good job With respect for colleagues and A polite attitude to someone Else, the DirectorInstead of searching, you deconstruct Social virtual information, crying and Bad it reacts to the World around us, which also Has a beautiful wife. The only person with whom Kolya communicates and trusts is His brother, his father's Favorite artist and in love For women. But on a trivial morning, Kohl finds his brother dead.

A young woman is tired, Her husband leaves such a life

The police say it's suicide. His father, a sharp and Bad person, definitely killed his Son: he has a strong Personality and will never commit suicide. Applies to Sergey Makovetsky, Pavel Barshak, Agniya Kuznetsova, next, Vulichenko, Vladimir Epifantsev, Dmitry Ermak, Ira Serebrennikov and other media registered At the Federal level by The communications audit service for Internet broadcasts, information technologies and Mass communications Roskomnadzor. Certificate of registration of the Foundation of the Foundation.

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