Marriage in Denmark - Help with documents and registration quickly

Popular it makes the convenience and speed

Wedding in Denmark, where tight cobbled streets meander between cozy fabulous houses, and their medieval walls, open South-Scandinavian landscapes, fresh air, is not only an exotic holiday for lovers romantics from all over Europe

Today it is rather a conscious choice quite practical to modern people, often citizens of different countries for which it is important that the bureaucracy inevitably accompanies the marriage and the marriage remained if not completely out of the equation, it is fleeting and not burdensome.

Wedding in Denmark is a common ceremony of registration of a legal marriage among Europeans, creating a multi-national family. In the Danish Kingdom, among the countries of Europe, including Switzerland and the UK - with a simple set of documents, the shortest waiting period the date of registration, the most friendly laws toward foreigners and same-sex couples who decided to marry in the territory of that friendly state. For example, simplified procedure of marriage in Denmark recommend that their the German customers of attorneys in cases when a mixed marriage is entered by the Germans and the Danes. For brides and grooms who come to Europe from Denmark, Ukraine, Europe and other parts of the world, including Asia and the Americas, the wedding in Danish - sometimes the only way to get married within weeks. About as many will be from the date of application to date of marriage. Desperate and without bureaucracy, what is known and Germany, and Denmark. In addition, all documents at the initial stage, served in a copy via email or Fax. That saves money and time, eliminating unnecessary trips when you have to get help at home and to take them on in a Danish municipality (commune) long before the wedding day. Blitz wedding in Denmark for a quick marriage with grooms and brides from distant countries is not only convenient to the Danes and their neighbours the Germans, but citizens of the EU States among themselves. Upon reaching Denmark, which by car from any point of Europe almost a few hours you want to stay in the Kingdom to the next morning to be married, and in the evening to return home.

Often, the whole process of border-crossing, with the road back and forth to the Europeans enough twenty-four hours, that the marriage in Denmark was named the Express wedding.

However, without an assistant and advance preparation in this case is not necessary.

Pick in place a suitable community to put the reference on the list, wait for their verification by the Danish officials and confirm the desired day of the wedding, to make possible bureaucratic problems, book hotels, and many other things, without which the blitz-the wedding will not be a holiday, and then will not take place in time, these household problems it solves our Agency Helena, Denmark is one of the most tolerant countries in the world.

Everyone's welcome here. EU citizens and non-citizens, a variety of people from all over the world. Gays and lesbians who marry here find full understanding and support.

We fondly recall attending a wedding two wonderful girls of Brazil, which before the wedding I spent the night in our hotel.

It should be noted that they hoped to get married quickly, and they all turned out (eventually, in less than twenty-four hours). For foreigners the legitimacy of the prisoner in Denmark, the marriage is confirmed by the longstanding demand of the service and the practice of law.

The main thing - to comply with the conditions of the marriage law of the country where a new family will live in the future.

These conditions are some of the nuances may vary from state to state. However, the family codes of all the EU countries are approximately similar and, of course, acknowledge the Danish marriage certificate.

Apostille on every document is mandatory

If couples have the need, the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Denmark legalizes marriage certificate additional guarantees, assuring the document and its translation into the desired language by a special international stamp.

This is sufficient for the recognition of marriage in other countries of Europe and beyond.

On the basis of such a document, you can optionally additionally arrange in Germany, the German marriage certificate. So just answer the question we often ask clients who come from Germany:"whether the prisoner in Denmark, the marriage is legitimate, whether he will admit you to Germany?". In Denmark, every municipality has its own rules, its list of references, although, it is true, and that they differ little from each other. Master list of documents for citizens of different countries, wishing to join the bark in Denmark, will be the same: in addition to the Danes, Ukrainians, Belarusians and Kazakhs need a Schengen visa (or a valid residence permit in one of EU countries). For citizens of Germany. The certificate of residence and marital status may be called in each country in their own way, and be issued by different government bodies, what we tell in a personal communication. After all, the rules in Norway, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, UK, Thailand, USA and other countries, where our clients are varied in form, but not in meaning. Reference needs to be translated into three languages: Danish, German, English. Some of them have limitations in terms of maturity. The differences in the documents of the citizens of a particular country and the rules of the commune chosen for the marriage, - we clarify in a personal consultation. We, the Danes, and our Agency is a family business. Multi nationality of our family helps to understand the problems of foreigners who have decided to register the marriage, and even in a foreign country. In my own experience and the experience of friends we know that grooms and brides have to deal not only with unfamiliar procedures, but also to gather information at home, where the bureaucracy has its own laws. Sometimes they seem to contradict the Danish, although this is not the case, and we help to eliminate confusion. The process of exchange of information with municipal officials and collection of documents we tried to make as simple and convenient for its customers. We speak Danish, Danish, German and English. So we have no problems in communicating with our customers, speaking different languages. At Your request we will take on the role of the interpreter during the wedding ceremony in the Danish hall. Our Agency is located in a beautiful old town Rabbi in the South of Denmark, is fifty miles from the border with Germany.

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