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Reception and fixation of a person, for example, vague vodka-Olga chatI constantly post a note in the same form, even in the form of harassment of moderators, saying that the chat will be closed, etc. go away, I position myself as an operator the size of an operator. Whoever motivates that person by name and consistently in an evidentiary way, because that's the person you're looking for, gets it. Useful information Please contact us. Finally, it was a man. Now the Telecom's IP address.

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The operation of a chat system of this size is technically very complex and expensive. Advertising is the only way to reset these expenses. In the future, we will refrain from displaying pop-up ads, which is very annoying for many users when they try it. Instead, I will report you to the single chat, advertising relevant words live with suggested links. These links have a tab marked with an icon. We believe that this is the most unobtrusive form of advertising that helps you make a Free Chat.

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