Short summary Of the App for Voice Dating

The message is ready for The system

Dating Services are becoming more Popular recently

Among the many competitors, the Traffic jam app stands out, Allowing you to highlight the Wait for a multi-kilometer Stuck trainMoreover, if you are concerned About the driver's behavior Nearby, you can talk to Them in the app, and All traffic jams will know About itThe application can be used To change, the only difference Is the usage for version And flag.

First, the user must register, You can enter the incoming information.

For some reason, the drop-Down menu is open. The person then has to Identify the car's license Plate and make so that People can contact them. If you want, you can Fill in the release year And colors of your iron horse. There was now a map With a book in front Of it.

This review reviews the app version

These developers just haven't Forgotten the levels moving around The map. You can put each other As you Express resentment by Using the call button to It or by clicking on The button with the deer.

The beep app is something New in many other Dating services

Numbers that you like or Dislike can be added to A special list.

For those who want to Be noticed, find an automatic Movie on the map and Decompress around it.

This can be at the Beginning of any of them For the local currency.

On the beep tab, you Can add a filter by Gender and age.

The sound signal costs rubles And does not cost you Too much, it is cheaper.

If the user needs more Power, they can buy-status. Of course, developers will also Have to deal with this.

win the app and attract More users, but the idea Is fresh.

With the help of an Audio signal, everyone will be Able to Express their feelings Online belatedly, in a positive And negative manner.

What's more, there's Nothing stopping you from using The app as a regular Dating service, so the beep Will keep you updated even If there's no traffic On your way.


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