Swiss women

But I mean women on a different level

Rich Italians (Oh, I wish it wasn't because of my spying.) they seem more deliciousOften it is an expensive dyed (but very natural) shoulder-length hair, something like a square. Nothing unusual, asymmetrical, feathers. Of course, quality and elegance. Simple lines, high-quality fabrics, for a perfect fit. Things are all speciality, right with the showcases. But not conspicuous, the key word is"nobles". I met a woman in full dress in a Gucci dress, but surprisingly, she seemed very reserved. I haven't seen many heels, especially on grown women. Comfortable and high-quality shoes. Often ballerinas. Bags and glasses are, of course, branded items, terribly expensive, with logos the most famous fashion houses, but something tells me that they are real, and not the ones that are full of Instagram feeds). Although I know a young woman who dresses exclusively in replicas in Switzerland.

Modern haircut and elegant pose

But when you see that she comes from the latest model and knows that she owns a Villa worth several million francs, surely no one will doubt the authenticity of such things as a cashmere sweater or bag. However, it is worth noting that this is a model of appearance, it also affects the river. To understand how expensive they are, I will tell you a little story. A good friend of mine, who knew I was going to Switzerland, asked me to give a few hours for repairs.

I brought in a watchmaker, after seeing some of them, he broke into a smile, spoke up and said with admiration (how beautiful, it's almost a Museum piece).

Out of curiosity, I asked how much it might cost. You can imagine how I felt as a part of this bourgeois life, where people know the time in their own hands. Petersburg two-room apartment on the wrist), which even women wear under them to become. In modest ears, earrings of several carats), even if it is both pearls and emeralds, Yes, a little more can be done). A hand-made bracelet with the famous logo or a chain around the neck with a pendant is possible, but the abundance of gold, as in the South of Italy, is not observed. Although before the innate sense of beauty, Italians bow their heads.

The Empire that once conquered the whole of Europe has incorporated the best in itself: architecture, art, design, weaving, food.

It was nice to look at these women, and of course it wasn't very nice to photograph them. But the style of the women in the photo reflects what I wanted to say). My photo, the quality is bad for the eyes, probably because all my vision has shown others that I am photographing this balcony.

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