Switzerland-let's meet again

That's why millionaires come here from all over the world

Ah, SwitzerlandShe calls her green grass carpets scattered around her homes with Moslem nonchalance, always cows, in violation of the rare audible silence of the bell. Yet Switzerland is the center of economic and political life in the world. Geneva is the headquarters(location) of The United Nations, which covers all aspects of life on the planet.

The headquarters of the International red cross and the WTO are also located here.

Here rustic simplicity and richness are intertwined in a surprisingly simple way.

That's it, all together, all right? Come on, we'll show you."They say that you don't get a second chance to make a first impression.

This is why we recommend that you trust us

And then trust this fairytale land, which you will remember for the rest of your life. We offer you more than just a tour of the city In a fairytale land, we offer you friendship, because without friendship there is no communication and people have no exchange value in the world. Switzerland's largest economic center surprises its sympathizers with a fascinating combination of a modern metropolis and rich historical heritage. Bank accounts and the most reliable safes, shops and art galleries, famous city auctions in the world give rise to numerous associations. The tour begins on one of the most beautiful shopping streets in the world, Bahnhofstrasse, the commercial artery of the city. You walk along the waterfront on lake Zurich, to the banking district, to the old town. You will see the Basilica Fraumunster, glass Windows that he created by Marc Chagall, and more. The waterfall of the Rhine - more powerful and further in Europe, still performed in Goethe's poems and in memory of a generation of great Russian travelers, I admire its power. Schaffhausen is a beautiful medieval town with old alleys and old houses, on which the fortress stands with a magnificent round tower. A small tourist town on the Rhine near lake Constance, one of the most beautiful in Switzerland.

The small old town of Stein is easily accessible.

The main attraction of the city is the Benedictine monastery of St.

More years of pleasing to the eye strict harmony of lines.

The annulled capital has managed to become a rich cultural life.

An idyllic postcard on which a skilled hand leaves traces of luxury, bridges, squares, palaces and cathedrals. A trip to Lucerne that is so impressive that it deserves a separate guided tour. A trip along the Four Cantons Promenade or the four Cantons lake includes an octagonal tower, a Mill bridge and Europe's oldest wooden bridge with a roof. Rock fortresses near Lucerne with ancient times, rich in myths and riddles. They say that the spirit of the Roman Prosecutor Pontius Pilate lives in a small lake on mount Pilate. In the Chronicles also it is said that the great dragons lived in the crevices the mountains of Pilate and had healing powers. For the most beautiful prize in the world, a rack railway, the next ascent in forty-eight, travelers climb to the top of Pilate. Romantic medieval alleys formed by arcades, the longest covered market in Europe, famous theaters and concert halls, for the honor of being on the stage where a celebrity fights with all this, have Bern, one of the most important cultural structures. The capital with a state that you can talk about in every Canton of Switzerland, beats old houses on narrow streets, panoramic views of the snow-capped peaks of the Bernese Alps and the blue-blue Aare. You can resist the charm of the old town with its fountains of the th century, which are more reminiscent of fountains, the symbol of the clock tower, the symbols of Bern in Untergruben, the meeting place Of the house of Parliament.

A small town on the shore of one of the largest lakes in Europe has been visited for centuries by sophisticated nature, connoisseurs who are hungry for peace and harmony.

In the city where millionaires, even more than the unemployed, coexist peacefully with representatives of different nationalities.

Geneva is a city that will seem familiar to you from the first minute, as if you spent the best years of your childhood or earlier life.

An unforgettable trip to the Swiss Riviera. A fascinating dive into the era of Lord Byron, mysterious old castles and much more awaits you during the tour: Vevey is charming in its traditions, preferred by the aristocracy and creative Bohemian town on the shore of lake Geneva. An architectural gem of the century, the most famous of the mighty Swiss castles of Chillon stands unimaginably in its unimaginable, wonderful location on a rocky island between lake Geneva and the Alps. And for the harmonious completion of the program, a visit to three white grape varieties of Swiss wines. Fine and light Swiss wines.

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