Talk to The girls .

I want to know if This is normal

I talked to a girl For a long time, but At first I almost never Wrote itOr fuck him-I don'T text him at first, So he doesn't think I'm in love with him. You can tell him if I have to do it On Monday, or you can Kick it. he kicked your ass. I talk to the girl For a while, but in The first place, she almost Never writes.

As a girl, I advise You not to write first

There are two options, he Will understand that you are Not writing to him, and This may hurt him first Of all, you are used To writing letters to him, So he is not interested In it, and then suddenly In this case you will-Stopped writing and write that You will be interested in The chance to win take Care of yourself will not Notice that you have stopped Writing to him-do not Pay him pay attention in Any case, stop writing in The first place, do not impose. You're a girl, don'T think she'll appreciate It if you're some Kind of girl. Well, this is not the First post, if he doesn'T write to you in Two months irony, then you Will understand who he is And why you need him. Yes, there is still the Possibility to ask him, but The age category for an Adult is a similar action.

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