The Danes and the Danish (photo)

God is not very long pondered the appearance of the Danes (he was more interested in Italians, Spaniards)

Lain all the time in the Jacuzzi of the world ocean, sipping cocktails from Ambrosius, he's a minute before the delivery of the project drew the image of a blonde tall and broad-shouldered bearded man with blue eyes and threw it on the conveyor.

So, at least, can be seen in all samples of the football team of Denmark at international tournaments. Especially the one in the year, as well rogulev all the preparations on the beaches, suddenly foolishly won the championship.

All I painted the back of the head and the native blonde bangs in the amount of eleven braids in a row, These were the exception, those were angels whom the Creator gave Denmark, apologizing for past mistakes.

Of course, I would like to think so, but we all understand that in opposition the current globalization and total incest, all of that horrible stereotype. Sometimes a Dane not be distinguished from a Spaniard, and some quite on the way, the French are actually Chechens and Mordvinians at the same time and have an apartment in Grozny and Saransk. Well, I have these stereotypes in a trip to Denmark so much together, not less than shrimp at the fish market of Copenhagen.

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