The Dating page means that students need to be bribed: in Zurich, they were looking for"Sugar babies"

The Norwegian website"Rich Meet Beautiful"is already abroad for aged fuelNow try to make stock Dating, also in the Zurich stop, controversial and advertise with a sign in front of the Technopark:"Hello, students! Romance, passion, tutoring, and a luxurious lifestyle. Datet a Sugar Daddy or Sugar-Mom:"Like"Sugar Daddy"- a rich older man for a relationship with a clearly younger, paid woman. It can also be in the form of expensive gifts or to pay bills or rent"Sugar Babies".

But the target audience, the action does not bring benefits."It's something tasteless,"says a WHIST student.

In the Technopark are parts of the Politecnico house, around the corner-the art school (Zadek)."The car came and went here several times yesterday. Of course, this bothered us, but as long as it is on the street and not parked, we can do nothing,"says tech Park spokeswoman Andrea LEU di VISTA. Apparently, this is a car that has been on the road in Zurich for some time."I saw him several times over the past month on my way home to the Technopark,"says a passerby. Advertising in universities, according to the CEO of the Dating Exchange Sigurd Veda, is a more targeted approach:"About a hundred of our users are students,"he tells VISTA. The ad also asks you to meet someone on the stock exchange of the University of Paris and Brussels. After student associations, equality bodies and critical political parties expressed their views on the opinion in Belgium, the company left the scene of events. Behind this lies a call for"prostitution", criticized by the Deputy mayor. The Belgian authorities confiscated all the company's posters at the opening of the website. The CEO of the company"Sigurd Veda"defends himself against the charges:"We do not call for prostitution - we can send messages."We have the same goal as any other apartment platform, namely that our clients are the right partner. Just keep in mind that we are stopping another financial component", Veda.

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