The free trade agreement between Switzerland and the EU: meeting of the joint Committee

The November meeting was held in Tun

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The joint Committee, chaired by Switzerland this year, provided an opportunity to highlight the importance of trade between Switzerland and the EU and discuss outstanding issues.

Both sides confirmed that the Agreement is a good and fundamental tool for promoting mutual trade. Switzerland again discussed the EU's approach to steel and aluminum imports. The September contracts. Steel and aluminum imports to Switzerland and the EU are highly integrated. Thus, these measures hinder the free movement of goods between Switzerland and the EU and damage the Swiss economy. Switzerland requires that EU protective and control measures are not imposed by Switzerland, or at least that they are they were sufficiently strict to ensure compliance with the Swiss-EU free trade agreement, which must be respected, and did not restrict bilateral trade between the two sides. In June, the EU introduced steel surveillance in the global context of excess steel production capacity. In the spring, the EU also took similar measures in the area of aluminum imports. These surveillance measures require the submission of a surveillance document for the import into the EU of certain types of steel and aluminum products from third countries. In response to additional import duties imposed by the EU on the United States.

They already had an extraordinary Committee meeting

July Temporary protection of steel import days in the form of global tariff quotas.

In addition to protective measures, both sides provided information on the current free trade policy with third countries and on the consequences of the UK's exit from the EU.

The head of the Swiss delegation was Ambassador Stefan Kyatze, delegate of the Federal Council for trade agreements and head of the SECO foreign service. The EU delegation it was headed by Mr. de Petro Surmelis, head of the division in the Directorate General for trade of the European Commission. The next meeting of the joint free trade Agreement Committee will take place in Brussels in the autumn, as planned. The free trade agreement between Switzerland and the European Union liberalizes trade in industrial products and facilitates trade in processed agricultural products.

As representatives of the Federal administration and the European Commission, the joint Committee manages the agreement and monitors its implementation.

The EU is, of course, Switzerland's most important trading partner and, conversely, Switzerland is the third most important destination for exports of goods (after the US and China). Federal Department of Economics, education and research Federal Department of foreign Affairs FDFA Online counter-questions FDFA answers the questions of the responsible Swiss representative office in Loco. Swiss consular office representation. The Oder Valley. Days per year-approximately.

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