The referendum in Switzerland news in Switzerland

This happens several times a year at the municipal level

Despite the fact that three people voted for it, almost everyone is looking at the so-called self-determination initiativeIt is its acceptance or rejection that will determine the same fate as the Swiss law in any country in the world in the coming years, since the referendum no longer plays as important a political role as in Switzerland. Almost all important issues of Swiss society are decided by referendum. For example, they decide the fate of businesses that seem quite marginal to the observer (for example, the construction of a bridge or transport tunnel).

Very often, voting in a referendum contradicts the position

The referendum is the most important tool for monitoring the activities of the government.

With them with this help, promoters can interfere with the entry into force of an international Treaty previously signed by the country's government, or amend the current Constitution.

In such cases, the government and the vast majority of parties actively lobbied for the initiative to be rejected, but the Swiss did not listen to them and accepted the initiative.

Switzerland is not only a democratic state, but also a Federal state, which leaves its imprint on the referendum rules. So (apart from voting on amendments to the law) it would not be enough, because fifty (Federal subjects) share the same opinion. History knows of cases when the majority of citizens voted for the initiative, but this is true, and it did not enter into force because it did not find support in most cantons. For example, the majority of Swiss people supported the initiative to adopt Lite, but the proposal failed to remove the second obstacle-the majority cantons ("cantons","against") - and therefore was rejected. If the state's right to use the services of investigators is being imitated by persons suspected of receiving disability benefits? Business Switzerland. The material may only be used with the prior written consent of the portal.

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